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There’s a million business building strategies out there. How are you to know that you’re using the right strategies?


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On top of that, there are some strategies that work better or more effectively than others, so how can you possibly choose?


Little known secret: Even if you’re using the most up to date modern business building strategies out there, it doesn’t actually mean you’ll see results.


The no results result can often lead them to think that it’s the strategies fault and it just doesn’t work. So you then jump to the next strategy, still don’t get results… jump to the next strategy and maybe you get a little better results, but no where near where you truly want to be.


And then usually, two things happen.


Either you say this is impossible, something’s wrong with me, this doesn’t work, it’s all a scam.


Or you keep fooling around with a million different strategies and ideas for a few years… then have a lightbulb moment where you realize they’ve tried all the free strategies out there.


Watched all of the webinars, read all of the blog posts, downloaded all of the freebies, viewed all of youtube, listened to all of the podcasts, and STILL something is wrong.


You might start to think that maybe it’s not really the strategies that are the problem. Maybe it’s that you need help.


I’m going to save you 100$ an hour right now to tell you the actual magic formula to making any strategy work. Here’s 100$ cash value:


You need to find a strategy or two that feels good to you. And that can be hard because it’s difficult in the beginning to discern between fear and dislike.


They feel very similar, right?


You’ll hear me talk about finding your flow or your alignment all the time in the Heart-centered Spiritual Biz Support Group. Flow is when building your business becomes easy. It’s about finding your autopilot method. Where all you have to do is show up and maybe do a couple brainstorming sessions here or there.


Alignment is when you are totally tapped into who you are, who you serve, what you do, and how you help people — and here’s the most important part — it feels GOOD.

Alignment feels awesome.


If you haven’t reached Flow or Alignment yet in your business, I want you to try to discern whether a new strategy or way of building your business is something that you genuinely don’t like, or something that you fear.


And the way to tell is this:


Fear feels like anxiety, anticipation, a little bit of apprehension. But there’s also a knowing that it can really help your business. And there’s probably a little excitement, there too. If it GENERATES energy, then it’s fear. If you start getting hot and clammy, you’re generating energy.


And fear is good. Fear = growth. GO towards the fear.


As you do that you become more brave and more confident. And confidence is not something you can fake. People know right away if you’re confident or not. But the catch 22 is to gain authentic confidence, you need to do things that scare the hell out of you.


You might not be confident in that moment, but you’re at least being brave enough to work through the fear. And eventually, you’ll move past that fear to other fears.


And slowly as you conquer them all, you uplevel yourself, your business, your earning potential. You become an extremely powerful, influential person. But you have to be brave enough to face that fear and get the fuck over yourself.


Now… here’s the flip side. What if it’s just something you REALLY have no interest in? If it’s something you just dislike — it goes deeper than just a little bit of reluctance. It’s extreme avoidance behavior. There’s a deep knowing that this is NOT what you really want to be doing. There’s a knowing that this is NOT going to be a sustainable option for you.


I’ll give you an example.


For the LONGEST time I would not get on the phone with anybody. I was so scared of talking on the phone. Like, I’d rather jump off a bridge than talk to someone on the phone. It was pure irrational fear. I know where it came from, I have situations in my childhood that implanted that fear and that PTSD in my mind. Prison calls and drunk relatives will mess a person up. But I knew that to be truly successful and start earning what I needed to make to live my life I knew I needed to get on the phone with people.


So, I joined a couple group coaching programs where all I’d have to do is get on the phone with this group of ladies, listen to them, chime in when I felt I could. The first few times I muted myself I didn’t say anything. And then slowly, over the course of about 2 years, I went from joining other groups to hosting my own groups. And it’s really only within the last 3 years that I’ve started feeling confident enough to call people up and just talk with them on the phone.


Do I still get a little nervous? Yeah. But it’s nothing that I’m going to allow to keep me from my dreams.


Now on the other hand, I also know person to person marketing is awesome but I hate it. I tend to not like to be around other people — I’m a hardcore introvert. I went to a few Tarot meetups locally.


I tried my best. I hated every single moment of it. And after about one year, I stopped going.


Is in-person networking a great business building strategy? Yeah. But I know it’s not how I want to build my business. For me, it doesn’t make sense. And I genuinely hate it.


How do you know? Well, you just have to go out there and try it. You take the baby steps you need to take. Some people are leapers going from $0 to $5k in one month, some are cha cha dancers taking two steps forward one step backwards and it takes them 5 years. I’m in the latter category and there’s no shame around it. It takes as long as it takes.


And then the last thing is finding the strategies you can learn to love and even tolerate and knowing which ones you just aren’t interested in. Oh, and giving yourself permission to do what feels GOOD — right? That’s alignment.


Flow is consistency. Flow comes from finding your alignment — finding what feels good, and CONSISTENTLY doing that. Rinse and repeat method.


Find a few strategies you like and build on that. In the Make Tarot Your Business Masterclass, I go over the strategies that work for me, as a online-based introverted business owner. So if you resonate with that, you might want to check it out, even if you don’t sell Tarot readings. It’s for readers, healers, and coaches and even though it’s primarily geared towards Tarot and Oracle readers, the information is the same across the spiritual service spectrum.


The next time you’re wondering if the business building strategies you’re using are right for you, ask yourself these questions:


  1. When I think about this strategy, does my energy expand (fear) or contract (dislike)?
  2. Have I given this strategy a fair amount of implementation time? (I recommend at least 3 months)
  3. Is it actually building a list of people around what I ultimately sell, or does it feel disconnected from my bigger picture?


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