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Angels, here are my top three favorite free tools to grow your business for January!


  • is a free service in which you can find relevant hashtags for your social media posts. You can find the top influencers, usage patterns, Instagram tracking, and more. Also, I’m a HUGE fan of mind-mapping and word bubbles. I use this every day for Instagram posts.
  • allows you to grab 750+ relevant keywords for blog posts and more, for free. Compare Google, Youtube, and Bing. Comes with a handy dandy click-y doodle that lets you copy the terms over. After I copy them, I post them into the next tool, which is..
  • allows you to paste a ton of keywords and decide how you want to separate them for free. I separate with a coma, and then a space after the coma. Then, I copy the newly tag-ready keywords into my blog posts and page tags. Easy, peasy.



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