In Time to Shine!

Time to Shine! is a videocast series dedicated to spotlighting heart-centered spiritual entrepreneurs who are on a mission to heal the world.

In this episode, we’ll interview Body Positivity Advocate Kai Elliot of

Kai is on a mission to heal the world by helping to eliminate the Shame & Stigma of having an illness, condition, or disability through her writing about embracing body positivity in the New Age spirituality field.

Imagine having a fulfulling and busy life, only to wake up one day to be told you have a permanent disability and you must lay flat on your back for the rest of your life to avoid further damage and pain. Then, imagine stepping into the spiritual, holistic field to be told YOU attracted this illness and ONLY through prayer and happy thoughts can you reverse your life long condition.

This is Kai‘s story. She’ll be talking to us about what illness shaming is, how we can avoid shaming others, and we’ll be exploring the underbelly of the spirituality field that insists people who have illnesses, diseases and lifelong conditions are somehow energetically responsible for it.


Kai’s Facebook Group: The Wounded Healer

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