Christina has helped thousands of women, just like you, who are searching for answers to life’s toughest questions.

  • Who am I?
  • Why am I here?
  • What is my purpose?
  • What’s next for me?

As a Certified Life Coach, Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner, and Non-therapeutic Hypnotist, Christina’s readings are multi-faceted. Her approach to the cards is to connect her clients subconscious behaviors to their conscious thoughts through sacred storytelling of the timeless spiritual wisdom of the cards.

Rather than making empty predictions about your future, Christina’s focus is to root you in the potential of the present moment and help you clear the karma of the past. She believes the present is the perfect opportunity to co-create and shape one’s own future, and she assists as co-creation copilot.

Here are some of the ways Christina can help you

  • Creating and Maintaining Effective Boundaries to Keep Your Sanity
  • Radical Self Care Strategies to Reduce Burn Out and Depressive Episodes
  • Stepping into one’s Life’s Purpose and Servicing Humanity at a Higher Level
  • Starting a Business You Love and that Loves You Back



Christina is a Third Generation psychically gifted Intuitive. She comes from a line of strong, powerful, independent Wise Women who practice cartomancy and mediumship. She has been through years of rigorous psychic development training, and her main psychic skillsets are…

  • Clairvoyancy – The ability to see pictures, visual images, and symbols that cannot be seen with the physical eyes.
  • Remote Viewing – The ability to transcend space and time, and to astrally visit locations to interpret psychic information from.
  • Clairaudiency – The ability to channel Guides, Angels, Intergalactic Beings, and other High Vibrational Benevolent Spirits

She’s particularly adept at sensing past life karmic contracts, vows of poverty, and other forms of negative attachment that can keep a person stuck in habitual self destructive habits. She prides herself on her ability to shift client’s mindsets from fear, distrust, self doubt… to compassion, faith, and confidence in one’s own abilities to take control of their life, take personal responsibility, and hold themselves accountable as an active participant in their own lives.


Because Christina’s abilities to transform your life are so powerful, she only works with a select type of client and they must be at a certain level of personal development and awareness to gain the full benefits of a reading experience.

She does not give direct yes or no answers, dates in the past or future (timelines), lottery numbers, or entertain questions about pregnancy, medical situations, legal advice, financial investments, stocks, bonds, and IRAs.

Please fill out the in-take form below so she can learn better how to serve you and if you are a good fit, and Christina will be in touch soon.

Rates start at $55 for 30 minutes and $97 for one hour.

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