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Put down the Doreen Virtue books!

I’m not dissing Ms. Virtue. Far from it actually — I’ve taken many of her courses, and I own almost all of her decks and books. I’ve got Doreen Virtue in every nook and cranny of my home office. I am a super Virtue fangirl. She has saved my life more than once.

In the first couple years of working as a full-time tarot and oracle card reader, I thought everything I would ever need to know about readings and coaching could be found in self-help books. And maybe if I were any normal person working through my own spiritual and personal development, or Ascension, the self-help books and courses I took would have been enough for me.


But since you’re reading this right now in a Spiritual Entrepreneurship blog, there is a good chance that you aren’t that “normally spiritual” person either — the distinction is that you have made such amazing progress in your own development, that you now want to help others learn these tools, and you want to run a sustainable business doing this.

A few years ago I bought and read every Doreen Virtue book, deck, and course I could get my hands on with the idea that if I just knew a little bit more… If I just had some amazing pearl of wisdom to share, well then people would just start lining up at the door and start hiring me to give them the most amazing, thought-provoking, wisdom dropping tarot reading or life coaching session, ever. I had no problem at all dropping a couple hundred bucks on a course that taught me about how to talk to Angels but when it came to taking marketing courses or hiring a coach, there was a HUGE disconnect. It did me no favors and it actually pushed me farther into debt.

Imagine my surprise when I set up shop and nobody lined up. I was lucky to get one or two clients per week by hustling an easy 40 hours to get those two clients. If you’re in this stage right now in your business, I sooo empathize with you. It’s a frustrating place to be.

You have all of this knowledge and wisdom inside of you itching to come out only to find out that booking clients is a lot like herding cats. Not impossible, but definitely not easy or efficient, either.

You know, it’s funny because I always saw posts like this from coaches. I didn’t listen because I was too busy fussing over the things that in the long run don’t even matter — like certifications and buying every new trendy deck — I wish I had listened sooner.

The reality is that the “just build it and they will come” mentality only works for tax professionals, funeral directors, and doctors. You know, recession-proof services.

Everything else is a luxury. You need to understand that taking every single course on activating your psychic abilities, developing mediumship, and how to read Tarot and Oracle cards is not what is actually going to make you money. It will make you a better service provider in the big picture of things, but it’s not actually going to get you clients.

I can’t tell you how many business coaching clients tell me that they took every course by Doreen Virtue and James van Praagh, and they still aren’t making any money. I was there too. It took me several hundred dollars and a few years to figure that part out though, and I don’t want that to happen to you.

This is because those courses don’t teach you how to make money. They teach you how to deepen your services for an astronomical fee — basically, they sell you the experience and dream of living their lifestyle but here’s the thing: if you aren’t already booked at least a few days in advance, those courses are a total waste of your time, energy, and money. If you want to take them casually as you go along, I totally recommend that… but if you’re still struggling to make a weekly paycheck, then your priorities are completely out of whack. Sure, they give you some fleeting confidence in your abilities, but that’s it. I’ve done thousands of readings and sessions, and not once has anyone EVER asked me what my certifications are.

You know what they say, “first the truth will piss you off, and then it will set you free.”

It’s okay to be upset by this. We see the big names offering courses but what we don’t realize (or choose to admit) is that they have a whole entire team working for them. They have a big name publisher, a marketing team, a ghost writer, a copywriter, a graphic designer, a website developer, and access to corporate level marketing professionals.

If you’re running your heart-centered spiritual biz alone or with a VA here or there, you need to realize that YOU will be doing ALL of those things. So you better learn them, or the world is going to pass you and your gifts by, and you’re not going to see any results. It will suddenly be three years later, like it was for me, and it will suck.

If you’re waiting for your big break, don’t. It’s probably not going to happen for you. You picked the wrong industry.

But, you probably aren’t motivated by fame or fortune. So, stop buying into the pipedream the rich and famous sell you. This isn’t some weird money mindset issue, either. I am fully open to becoming rich and famous. But I know from an energetic standpoint, being rich and famous is a byproduct of being in alignment with sharing your gift + some serious marketing strategy. And you can’t share your gift if your marketing strategy is non-existent.

You need to have some solid basic marketing skills and a strategy or plan of action if you want to actually sell your services. It’s not enough to be an amazing psychic, medium, or reader. It’s not enough to be certified by 10 different schools or institutions.

There are way more people out there who are penniless and extremely talented than there are extremely talented people living the good life. If there were, the starving artist meme wouldn’t be so pervasive. But it is.. so being “good” at your job is not enough.

So put down the Doreen Virtue books. You are *past that point.* Those books and courses are for beginners. You aren’t a beginner anymore. Now it’s time to step up.

Will you rise to the challenge and be the person your business needs, and learn some solid marketing skills, or will you hide behind the next course on faeries, or which realm you’re secretly from?

I’d love to talk with you about this. Send me a private message on Facebook (don’t forget to friend me first!) with your biggest issue right now so we can start strategizing to make you some MONEY!


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