Hey Tarot and Oracle Card Readers!

If you’ve been reading Tarot for a little while,

it’s no doubt that you’ve probably witnessed

certain patterns that arise based on the

numbers presented on the cards…

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a whole new symbol dictionary to pull intuitive information from during your readings? The numbers hold a wealth of untapped potential! The numbers on your cards are full of psychic resonances to tap into and assist you with deepening your insights!

 And not JUST for Tarot readers, you can utilize the information in this workshop and apply it to any divination tool that has numbers. We’ve had participants use this method on dice and dominos, even! It works with Tarot, numbered Oracle cards, Lenormand Cards… just about any divination system! In this 2-hour workshop, you will learn…

✨Who the Father of Modern Numerology is

✨How Numerology and Tarot came together

✨How to gain deeper insight into the card meanings using the numbers on the cards

✨The secret wish of each card based on the numbers

✨And how the numbers play into predicting events

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