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The Legend of the Constellation Capricorn

In Greek Mythology, the constellation of Capricorn was made into being by the story of the childhood of Zeus. Zeus, one of six children of the titans Cronus and Rhea, was the last to be swallowed whole by his father.

It was prophesied that Cronus’ reign as King would be overthrown by his children. Being the last born, Zeus was smuggled to Crete by his mother, Rhea, and given to the beautiful Lady Amalthea, who was thought to be a nymph in human form. Amalthea lived in a fertile crescent where it was thought nothing would not grow. It’s said that she would take on the form of a goat to nourish baby Zeus with her milk.


While in goat form, the Lady Amalthea broke off one of her horns, and the nymph filled it with fresh herbs and fruit and gave it to Zeus. The horn was known from then on as the Horn of Plenty. Today, we know this symbol as the Cornucopia, a hollow horn filled with the inexhaustible gifts of celebratory fruits.


Another legend that speaks to the lore of the constellation Capricorn is the story of Pricus, the father of a highly advanced and intelligent race of Sea Goats. The sea-goats loved to sunbathe so long that as they stayed on the dry land, their fish tails would shrivel up and they would magically transform into full goats, and become “dumb animals,” as opposed to the highly intelligent half fish, half goat.


Pricus, filled with grief over losing his children to dry land, offered himself as a sacrifice to the Gods under the condition he would manipulate time to turn many of his children back into sea-goats. Ultimately, he came to the realization that he could not control the destiny of his children, and the Gods so moved by his grief and profound wisdom, immortalized him as the constellation Capricorn so that he could watch over all future generations of his sea-goat children until the end of time.


Capricorn Energy in Astrology


Capricorn is a cardinal, feminine energy. It’s self-sustaining, and passionate. Based on the two legends above, we can see that it has a parental nurturing energy, and worries a lot like a hen fussing over her baby chicks, making sure all is in order and everyone is safe.


It’s a leadership sign, like Libra, Aries, and Cancer. As way-makers, we learn best through these signs by forging ahead.


A trait of Capricorn is having high expectations.


High expectations enable success because the expectations obligate us to try harder, to do better, than we would otherwise do left to our own devices.


It is true, that having high expectations can also enable disappointment when we don’t meet up to those expectations. Our problem is not with the expectations we set forth for ourselves and our business, but it’s an underlying issue of fear of failure.


The fear of failure is what actually paralyzes us into inaction. We need to align with the truth that the fear of NOT succeeding is more important, and powerfully motivating, than the fear of failure could ever be. We need to reconnect to our Divine Life Purpose — our mission — our Big Why or raison d’etre.


  • What are we nurturing?
  • What “children” (creations) are we rearing?


At it’s simplest, our Divine Life Purpose is to exist. And to experience. And to love, and to be loved so we can contribute to the collective consciousness. If nothing else, this is what we can return back to. If our most basic purpose is to experience our reality, to be a scientist, to be an active participant in the environment around us, then failure is part of the gig, right?


Getting something wrong is just a part of the process. Failure is not going anywhere, and so we could choose instead to make friends with the potential of failure. Failure just means, “not that way. Try another way.”


For the first part of this New Moon in Capricorn, I want you to write down at least one life area in which you want to encourage yourself to have high expectations for yourself and your business.


And by high expectations, I simply mean that if at first, you don’t succeed, you will keep trying until you find the right balance. The right equation, the right process or system or method that leads you to successful results. And you won’t allow yourself to become distracted by failure.  


And I also want you to write down in one way that — without the fear of failure — life might be different for you. In your personal life, or your business. If you knew that failure was simply “try again,” and not a sentence imposed on you, meant to lock you up and torture you with cruel and unusual punishment like we insist on doing… what would you like to pursue?


If you could choose not to punish yourself when you make a mistake or fail, what would you have energy for? How would life be different? How can we flip the energy and put it to good use?


Over this next lunar month — the next 28 or 29 days, I really want you to be conscious of your reward and punishment system. Is it really working for you? Probably not right, or else we wouldn’t have the issues we do.


So let’s try something different. Let’s stop corporeally punishing ourselves, which is such a Capricorn thing. Let’s try to find some balance in striving towards personal and professional excellence, while also being patient and understanding with ourselves. By not treating our failures as terrorist attacks against ourselves, but learning opportunities.


And ladies, let’s really learn. If we find that we do something that doesn’t give us the results that we want, let’s try to be conscious of that and change the pattern — instead of falling back into comfortable yet destructive habits that don’t move us forward. Let’s aim to be a better version of ourselves this next lunar month. Maybe not the best version, because that’s a lot of stress (laugh) but at least a better version.

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