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STOP! You need to know everything about Tarot BEFORE starting a business reading Tarot cards! 😂

Just in case there is ANY confusion around this topic: You certainly CAN pick up a deck of Tarot or Oracle cards and immediately begin charging for your readings — here’s how.

I was told this morning by someone (who I am sure was well-meaning but…) that in order to charge for a reading, a reader should have an extensive background and history of reading Tarot. This person has also been trying to start a business reading cards for YEARS and still struggles to sell their lowest offer on their website.

I was told that implying that selling Tarot readings right away for cash money is totally unprofessional and unethical. She said, “I have higher standards than you and it’s against my ethics.”

Um, getting paid for your brilliance is against your ethics? Okay, you can keep that poverty mindset all to yourself. Good luck paying your bills with your higher standards. I’m too busy out there helping people (and getting paid) every day to be concerned about whether or not I know enough about Tarot. No complaints so far. And ONE bad review amongst thousands across all of my websites speak for me.

Yep, being educated about Tarot or Oracle cards helps a lot, and I do NOT recommend trying to read for cash until you have a basic understanding of the cards — but all of the certifications, books, and courses in the world about reading cards are NOT necessary, nor is it an insult to the people who have been reading for ages and are still struggling to get clients.

If you are triggered by this rant, I need you to know that this type of mentality is going to keep you stuck in the “I don’t know enough” vibration and the world will pass you by while you’re too worried about the sanctity of Tarot while struggling to put food on the table after YEARS of trying to get your Tarot biz to take off.

You either want this, or you don’t, and if you do… you’ll do whatever you need to do to make it happen and not waste time on the small details. And it’s time to be honest about that so you can move forward, either way.

Tarot is so, so special, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to use. Selling Tarot readings online for cash can be easy and it can be fun. Soooo much fun.

Reverence for Tarot and it’s power to transform people’s life is enough intention to keep it spiritual without diluting it’s sanctity.

Can we please ditch the holier than thou attitude and focus on creating ABUNDANCE so we can truly have all of our needs met to SERVE PEOPLE AT OUR BEST?!

Here’s how to know if you’re “good enough” to read Tarot for money:

  • Do you believe Tarot is a force for good?
  • Do you believe your intention is to help people?

People out there need our help. The world is a scary place right now.

Will we step up to help them and confront our own fears and insecurities? It’s not about who knows enough or who knows more. It’s not a contest.

Get in touch with the real mission — to provide a safe, sacred space for our clients to get help. We ALL have a unique message and story to share with people.

TICK TOCK! Time is running out. Every day you’re worried about whether you are worthy enough to charge for your readings is one day less that could have been spent helping people.

PS Are you ready to get “over it” and start helping people? Check out my latest blog – 3 Easy Ways to Make Cash with Tarot Cards Online.

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