We’re waiting on you.

It’s time to share your brilliance, make an impact, and heal the world.

You have the knowledge and experience in your zone of genius.

You’re ready to take the next step to create consistent cash and momentum in your spiritual-based business, but…

  • Staying on track with your marketing strategies is easy for a while, but after a few weeks you lose motivation
  • You realize there are certain marketing strategies you really love, but need more accountability to show up
  • You have a bunch of ideas about what you want your marketing strategy to look like, but need help piecing it all together

 MoonSocial is the solution to reducing burn out, keeping you accountable to your goals, and motivating you to stay on track with your business building strategies!


It’s the first and only of it’s kind.

MoonSocial is an exclusive and intimate virtual monthly meetup every New Moon that focuses on accountability with magical marketing strategies and mystical business planning for spiritual women entrepreneurs who want to create consistent content, earn what they’re worth, and learn how to work smarter — not harder.

✨ Casual, alcohol and herb friendly live monthly video call (with chat option) every New Moon lead and organized by High Priestess and Psychic Business Coach, Christina Quick. Come in your pajamas and messy bun, we don’t mind.


✨ All participants who come to the live call will have the opportunity to speak with Christina and plan their marketing and business building goals for the next 30 days. We go round robin style based on who joins the call first. You are not obligated to stay after your turn is finished, but we encourage you to do so. You may learn through conversation with others. 


✨ Manifesting with the Moon, a workshop to introduce you to the concept of cyclical manifestation and the Moon’s phases. You’ll learn about the New Moon, First Quarter, Full Moon, Third Quarter, and Dark Moon; and how it pertains to planning your business. You cannot buy this workshop as a standalone product — it’s exclusive to this group.


✨ A tutorial on finding your Moon Sign, and information on how the New Moon relates to your personal Natal Chart every month.


A private, member’s only group with weekly accountability prompts and generous group coaching time with Christina in-between calls.


✨ Tarot and Oracle card spreads for every New and Full Moon that specifically relate to your business.

Hi, I’m Christina Quick — Psychic Business Coach and Mentor — and I’m obsessed with your success. 

We might not know each other intimately yet, but I’m your biggest fan.

Maybe you’ve been lurking in the Heart-centered Spiritual Biz Support Group and finding yourself inspired by the way I do business. I’m a heart-centered spiritual entrepreneur, which means I run my business from my Heart Chakra and I lead by creating lifelong friendships and connections with my clients.

I’m crazy passionate about helping women become financially independent by learning how to monetize and market their unique skill sets and sacred gifts of healing, empathy, compassion, and intuition.

I’ve run a successful 5-figure Tarot Reading and Natal Chart Astrology Analysis Business since 2011. I’ve created the BEST online course that teaches aspiring Tarot and Oracle professionals how to start, build, and grow their reading business. And now, my Guides and Heavenly Support Team are URGING me to show up as High Priestess and Circle Leader to inspire the next wave of spiritual women entrepreneurs.

I’m not going to tell you there’s only one way to run your business. I’m not interested in selling you my “proven plan” and “business blueprints,” and I’m not going to dangle the overnight sensation cupcake over you while you burn yourself out and slowly begin hating your biz.

But I will tell you that running your own spiritual business is the absolute most liberating journey towards knowing yourself and finding out what you are truly capable of. I’ll also tell you that it takes time, and consistent action to see results. If you do not have at least 3 hours per week (plus client services and bookings) to build and market your business, this group is probably not for you.

While I am not really a blueprint type of gal, I do run my business in a few targeted areas online like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Blogging. To really get the full experience this amazing group opportunity has for you and to take full advantage of my knowledge, you should be familiar with of most of the following:

  • An idea of what you’re selling and some tiered offers, as well as the intention to sell a course, program, or premium package
  • A Business Page that’s monetized (need help with that? Get my Make Tarot Your Business™ Quickstart Guide. Seriously, get it. It’s free!) and the desire to start your own Facebook Group around your niche
  • Aptitude for technology and the understanding of how to connect a webcam and microphone to your laptop or desktop computer, or at the very least have access to a smartphone or tablet and have a good working knowledge of the device
  • A Business Pinterest and Instagram Account (optional)

Some other concepts you might want to be familiar with…

  • Payment Processors – Paypal, Stripe, and the ability to take payments
  • Sales Pages – Whether through paypal buttons, ontrapages, or self-hosted wordpress
  • Funnels – Read Magnets, Lead Magnets, Opt-ins, Tripwires/Upsales
  • Newsletters – Basic Campaign Sending and Interest in Automation
  • Copywriting – Using persuasive language to convert potential clients into buyers
  • Media – Knowledge of Photoshop or Canva or the means to outsource

If MOST of what I just bullet pointed makes you cross-eyed, you will probably want to enroll in my Make Tarot Your Business™ Masterclass.

Even if you don’t want to read Tarot cards for a living, you likely use Tarot cards or Oracles in your business somehow. In the Masterclass, there’s over 30 hours of in-depth and detailed trainings — everything from templates, to copywriting, to blogging, business formation, taxes and bookkeeping, and so much more. Way too much to list.

Just go check it out if you need to learn these basic skills for an amazing price.

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