Today’s Moon Forecast

Moon in Virgo

crescent moon buttonVirgo sign glyph symbol

Moon is traveling through conscientious Virgo today. Watch for nagging. You probably are correct, but say it nicely. Run errands and don't forget to floss your teeth.

Current Planetary Positions

Sun 29° Leo 19' 03"
Moon 05° Virgo 11' 38"
Mercury 07° Virgo 50' 32" R
Venus 25° Cancer 17' 09"
Mars 20° Leo 58' 36"
Jupiter 20° Libra 15' 43"
Saturn 21° Sagittarius 11' 28" R
Uranus 28° Aries 22' 51" R
Neptune 13° Pisces 13' 55" R
Pluto 17° Capricorn 11' 06" R
Chiron 27° Pisces 46' 24" R
TrueNode 24° Leo 13' 34" R

 2017 New Moon, Full Moon, Sabbat, and Esbat Calendar Reference


January 12th – Full  Wolf Moon in Cancer

January 28th – New Moon in Aquarius


February 1st – Imbolc

February 10th – Full Snow Moon in Leo

February 26th – New Moon in Pisces


March 12th – Full Worm Moon in Virgo

March 20th – Ostara / Spring Equinox

March 28th – New Moon in Aries


April 11th – Full Pink Moon in Libra

April 26th – New Moon in Taurus


May 1st – Beltaine

May 10th – Full Flower Moon in Scorpio

May 25th – New Moon in Gemini


June 9th – Full Strawberry Moon in Sagittarius

June 21st – Summer Solstice

June 24th – New Moon in Cancer


July 9th – Full Buck Moon in Capricorn

July 23rd – New Moon in Leo


August 1st – Lughnasadh

August 7th – Full Sturgeon Moon in Aquarius

August 21st – New Moon in Leo


September 6th – Full Corn Moon in Pisces

September 20th – New Moon in Virgo

September 22nd – Mabon / Autumn Equinox


October 5th – Full Harvest Moon in Aries

October 19th – New Moon in Libra

October 31st – Samhain


November 4th – Full Beaver Moon in Taurus

November 18th – New Moon in Scorpio


December 3rd – Full Cold Moon in Gemini

December 18th – New Moon in Sagittarius

December 21st – Yule / Winter Solstice

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