Last week was a doozy on the spiritual warfare front. I should preface this by saying I am a Leo Rising with a Libra Sun. The Leo Rising’s first response to injustice is to roar really loud, gather the pack of lionesses, and go on the hunt to take down whatever threatens the clan. However, my Libra Sun just wants us all to all hold hands and sing kumbaya in non-violent protest. So you can see where the struggle is.


The most awesome benefit of being a community leader and very visible/public Psychic Biz Coach is that you get the opportunity influence hundreds of people on a daily basis to change their situations, to find their bliss, to create a life only most people dream about.


The trade off is that being so vulnerable, raw, and real is that your existence is literally a threat to some people’s ego — their self defense mechanism of learned behaviors, traits, patterns of thought designed to keep the soul inhabiting the body safe from harm. The part of ourselves we all have, and are attempting to challenge and reprogram through our spiritual journey of personal development and spiritual awareness.


It’s the same for anyone who is in a public position. I happen to be in the Spiritual Business Coaching field, and one of the most prevalent patterns I deal with on a daily basis is poverty consciousness and the limiting beliefs surrounding money and self-worth around receiving/making money.


And sharing online and physical spaces with the public while being on a mission of healing the world of their poverty consciousness can sometimes be pretty difficult. The truth is that there will always be people who want to run businesses and make a difference in their lives, but are so addicted to the familiar patterns of thought that some people are just poor and that’s that — and that no matter what some people do, they will never make money or change their life. And anyone who actually does that must obviously be doing something unethical or, this is a BIG one, “LYING” about it.


The ego, to the poverty conscious addicted, therefore protects the identity of the poor and says, “it’s not your fault. they’re lying, don’t bother trying. you’re the good one. you’re the ethical one. {insert whatever belief here, such as “making money cannot be fun and easy.”}


You get the gist. It totally depends on the person’s beliefs around money but that’s a common one I hear.


So basically, that person’s identity and view of the world is challenged. If they are particularly lodged in that belief, they might even begin to slander the person who challenges that belief because for the moment, that act of dismissal feels GREAT to the ego and works to release some of the anxiety felt. And of course, the more mean girls one can rally, the more justified they feel. I call this the metaphysical mean girl mob.


Unfortunately, then that person can influence a whole crowd of people — since you share the same online spaces, afterall. And that’s how unsolicited drama starts.


That’s how I found myself under SERIOUS psychic attack last week. I lost a ton of friends and acquaintances and was booted out of some groups run by people who weren’t ready to deal with their money issues and blocks and take personal responsibility for their energy/space. I even had one admin tell me “I’m so sorry this is happening, it isn’t fair and I wish it didn’t have to be like this,” to which my response was, “uh, it’s your group, you’re the deciding factor here, you’re the Queen of your space so the only unfairness here is being perpetrated by you.”


It’s really fine — I am not affected in any way because I know that the Law of Attraction is bringing me the people who are ready to work with me and all I have to do is show up and speak my truth. Just sucks that people who don’t know me are going to be able to form unhealthy ideas and obsessions about me because some people cannot take personal responsibility for their own space. I can’t control that, and it’s bound to happen again, so all I can do is focus on being awesome in my own little bubble — my vortex.


If you follow Abraham and the Law of Attraction like I do (with a grain of salt of course) then it is said that contrast is the exact opposite of what we want to happen or feel. It hurts, it sucks, its painful — but it is necessary to expand our vortex (happy place) and it is a very temporary state to be in. Right after the contrast is often where the breakthrough happens.


Last week sucked. I was really shook that someone took it upon themselves to make my life miserable because I choose to challenge thoughts of poverty consciousness. I took it personal, as all humans do, I am no different. I’m no saint, or buddha, or Christ-consciousness. I’m just me — human, being brave, putting myself out there because I know I only have one shot at this life and I’ll be damned if I’m going to waste any opportunity to change the lives of others and in effect, changing my own life because change is exponential and ripples out like waves.


The psychic attack started on a Friday. I allowed myself to have a few bad days. I made a public post on my timeline about my stance on Wednesday. I left it up for about a day before I felt the energy could be released and that I was no longer “triggered” by it — oh yes, I get triggered too!


Once I closed that post and decided to move on, I had one of the highest earning days I’ve had in a few weeks last Friday. I had so many appointments booked that I was turning down business. I just simply couldn’t fit in any more people! And then I went to a New Moon party and reaffirmed my sacred vows of who I am, who I help, how I help them, and why. I even had to uninstall Facebook on my phone and tablet over the weekend because I had so many people messaging me, asking how they can work with me and all I really needed was a few days off to myself where I could be alone, meditate, spend time with my family, and do “normal” people things.


In the midst of all that, I also did a Return to Sender spell that deflected all psychic attack towards me and a Bring to the Light spell where I commanded all wrongs against me come to the light. Not 24 hours later I found out that my identity had been stolen and someone took out a $7500 loan in my name, and I had an unpaid balance of $4000. Again, in less than 24 hours, I had the collection disputed and removed from my credit report.


I’m sure more things will come to light from that spell.


Come Sunday night, I thought I was done with all of this and ready to move on. It was a very pleasant day, but right as I was about to go to bed I couldn’t sleep, I was legit paranoid about someone trying to break into my house — TOTALLY irrational. I would hear the floorboards creek, wake up from a dead sleep thinking people were in the room. All of my years of magical training has prepared me for this, but when it happens it is truly frightening. Since I am a very powerful psychic, I sense psychic attack in a very physical way through my psychic senses.


It is common that when you break the cords of attachment with the energy vampire(s) that they will feel that cord being broken and will attempt to re-attach themselves to the person they were feeding off of. It’s usually their moment of, “Duh, why did I attack that person in such a way. Surely I’m not the problem. Right, so let’s attack them some more to justify our recent actions.”


Then they try to hit even harder and dirtier.


Instead of laying in bed terrified, I decided to get up my butt up and start cleansing the house. I went room by room several times, smudged with sage and holy water, and kicked those energy vampires to the curb.


Once I was done, I fell asleep very quickly and woke up refreshed after a great night’s sleep. This morning, I’ve got Palo Santo burning to sanctify my space. This is where I am with it. I’m not sure if it’s truly over yet, but I’m fighting back — spiritual warfare style.


I could cause a big ruckus, I could opt to take them down like they are attempting to take me down. But, then I’d be the vampire, right? And I’ve got a responsibility — as a public role model. Which if I’m being honest, is the hardest thing about all of this. I want to be petty and cruel and get them right back where they’re trying to get me. But, I opted for a greater purpose — bigger mission, to overcome. To be the example, the role model, the “adult” in the situation. And I’ve made a promise to myself that above all, I will always take personal responsibility for my actions and the actions of people against me.


It is ALWAYS about my energy.

It is ALWAYS about where I choose to navigate my thoughts.

It is ALWAYS about my focus on where I create the experience of lack.


I thought I needed them — to validate myself. That’s a common thing with Libras, we tend to be people pleasers. I thought I needed access to their groups to showcase my wisdom and my knowledge. I thought without access to those groups I would be… less than. Unrecognizable. My brilliance would go to waste.


My ego can’t STAND when people don’t like me. So, I’ve got to work on that. I’ve got to get to the root of that thought, identity the shadow, and transmute the shadow into light. Again, contrast to highlight the edges of my vortex bubble. Painful, sucky, but necessary.


If I can leave you off with anything it’s that it’s ALWAYS about your energy and where you choose to focus that makes the difference. Metaphysical mean girls will always be a problem. This is definitely not my first rodeo. It does get easier, and I do learn to bounce back quicker.


Maybe one day stuff like this will not even phase me, but for now I’ll simply be grateful for the contrast.


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