Heart-Centered Strategy Sessions 

Attention Tarot and Oracle Card Readers, Psychics and Mediums, Life Coaches, Reiki Practitioners and Energy Healers, Health and Wellness Coaches!

My passion is helping spiritual women monetize their sacred gifts and unique talents so that they can begin on their path towards financial freedom and self-sufficiency. In a Heart-centered Strategy Session, my goal is to understand the direction you want your business to go and to help you find your flow in organizing your efforts to grow your biz and streamline your content so you can…

  • Start a business monetizing your unique talents and sacred gifts in a way that honors your authenticity
  • Learn solid marketing strategies so you can hustle less and focus on your creative content more
  • Sell your services without feeling too salesy or pushy to bring the joy back into your business

How is a strategy session different from a coaching session?

In a strategy session, I’m giving you most of the answers and guiding you step-by-step with some creative input from your genius and brilliant self. This differs from a coaching because, in a coaching session, the coach is asking you questions so you can arrive at your own conclusions. This model is not helpful to those just starting out in their business who need guidance on how to take their first or next step.

A strategy session with me is a harmonious blend of both styles, but you will actually get some solid advice and consulting from me.

Great for 2-3 laser focused questions and for those who need a quick brainstorming sessions. We will look at the most integral parts of your spiritual business foundation and formulate some hard-hitting actionable steps for the next two weeks.

Perfect for those who need life coaching as well as business strategy. This option best serves those who are currently feeling stuck and not in alignment with their spiritual business. We’ll look at what hasn’t been working, and make some course corrections.

The best choice for those who need to dive deeper. We will take a comprehensive look at your spiritual business from all angles and come up with a marketing plan for the next 30 days to breathe some fresh energy into your biz.

Do you want to make your own hours, be your own boss, and live the freedom lifestyle slinging Tarot or Oracle cards? We’ll cover everything from business start-up to creating your services, and formulate a 30-day marketing plan.

Appointments are conducted Monday through Friday, with slots available at 1pm, 3pm, and 5pm Central Standard Time. After booking your session, please fill out the form below. You will be contacted within 24 hours with my next three available dates.


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