Hey, Tarot and Oracle card readers! 

Are you ready to take your love and relationship

readings to the next level? Good, because I want

to teach you how to give the MOST EPIC Tarot readings

for Love & Relationships!

 It’s no secret that love and relationship readings are 60-80% of professional Tarot and Oracle card readers’ business. If you’re struggling to give exceptional love and relationship readings, this 2-hour step-by-step video workshop was created specifically for you. In this workshop, you will learn…

 ✨ The three main categories of people who seek love and relationship readings, and how to use the client’s backstory to place them into one of these categories to intuit their questions better

✨ The top questions people have about love and relationships

✨ The one Tarot and Oracle card spread for love and relationships to rule them all

✨ How the elements and the numbers of the cards add depth to the reading

✨ The step-by-step process I use to get consistent 5-star ratings

✨ The top SEO keywords you will need to attract people to your Valentine’s Day promotion

✨ BONUS worksheet to walk you through creating your Valentine’s Day reading offer

  • Christina has the best way of teaching Tarot. I love that she doesn't hold back and gives you all the info you need to be successful. I especially liked the part where she described numerology in regards to stages of relationships. Super helpful! I enjoyed this class and definitely recommend it. Thanks Christina

    Kai Elliot New Age Spirituality & Illness Blogger, Tarot, Artist, Sound Healing

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