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Hi, Angels!

Happy Full Moon in Libra! I’ve got some goodies for you 🙂

Get the April Adventure HD Wallpaper


Get the Full Moon in Libra Tarot Spread for Biz Planning


Get the Full Moon Release Ceremony Worksheet


In the livestream below, I talk about all of the updates I’m doing behind the scenes of the Seminary. To recap:

>> I’m no longer doing the New and Full Moon livestreams like I was doing. Now, I’m going to funnel that creativity into the membership program. Moving forward, I’ll be popping into the group twice a month and offering quick psychic business coaching instead because that’s more fun to me.

>> 30 Minute Strategy Sessions are back. Kind of. I’m no longer offering 30-minute calls but I’m offering 2-3 question email sessions for 47$.

Full Moon Wisdom

>> If you’re feeling scattered with too many ideas and irons in the fire, focus on selling ONE THING for the next 30 days. Sell what you ALREADY have created. No more new offerings until what you’re already doing is working and generating cash. Or, decide to let your old offerings go completely and hold a sacred release ceremony for them.

>> Libra is about presentation. Are you happy with the image you’re projecting out into the Universe with your business?


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