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By now I’m writing this (and you’re reading this) on the other side of the 12/12 Full Moon in Gemini portal.

On 12/12 I lead a group of women through a Master Manifestor Activation visualization and meditation through the portal, to an alternate Universe of their choosing, to bring back the energetic signature of the Master Manifestor into our current reality.

It was an amazing experience to facilitate such profound dimensional shifts in these women. I’m still having little flashes of insight about the sacred journey as it still streams and flows into my consciousness. Not only did I help them, but I also helped myself. And that’s the HUGE blessing when it comes to helping others in our heart-centered spiritual business.

We help others with our sacred gifts and as we put our energy out there into the Universe, the energy subtly ripples back and exponentially compounds enlightenment and activation for ourselves too. As we help others become self-aware, we help ourselves, too. It’s a beautiful dynamic.

I knew something big was coming for me personally and everyone universally. We’ve all felt the ‘spiritual flu’ over the last few months, what with the election going on and the pipeline. I’m not going to occupy this letter with too much of that — all you have to do is log onto social media and you can see what I’m referring to.

I went to visit my mom in Arizona towards the end of October and it hit me. I need to move back to Arizona to be near my family.

Truthfully, I had put off going to visit because I knew it was going to activate something within me. Maybe I knew I would want to move back and that’s why I had put off going back as long as I had. I was comfortable in my little bubble existence, plugging away in solitude like a modern day Buddha under the Bodhi tree or some other hermit archetype alone atop a mountain. My Moon is in Virgo after all. My hermit cave is my safe space.

While I was visiting, I was shopping the local housing market. Pestering my friends and family with a zillion questions about their electric bills, water bills, etc. I’m one of those people who needs to know exactly what they’re getting into before they make the jump. I wasn’t always like this. I used to be much more spontaneous but I’m almost 30 now and I blame my age. It’s not a bad thing. It’s a self-preservation thing.

So being that I’m 5 years into my business, I’m finally in a really good place. I’ve worked out a lot of the kinks, I’m relaunching courses for the third and final time, and I’m finally settling into who I am with a pretty good picture of where I’m going.

I went with my husband to apply for a home equity loan to see about fixing up my house to put it on the market so we could straight out buy a new house in Arizona for cash. Mind you, this would have TERRIFIED me about a year ago, but I have been working tirelessly on my money mindset with my coach, Heather Woodward, who has been challenging me to shift how I feel about money. Mostly, that I am capable of making good money choices. Which leads me to…

We didn’t get the loan. My credit is still really bad from my spontaneous 20s. I put a lot on credit cards and it’s still haunting me.

After finding out we were declined the loan, it looked pretty bad. I fell into a little bit of a depression. I was frustrated that God gave me the awareness to move back to Arizona but without a way, it seemed like just another disappointment.

This is where the 12/12 portal comes in.

So I lead the women plus myself through the 12/12 Master Manifestor portal on Monday.

By Wednesday (less than 48 hours after) by a stroke of luck came across a 7+ year old credit card in the bottom of my sock drawer for a local flooring and appliance center that we had gotten when we first moved to Kansas City and our credit was good.

For giggles, I called the store and asked if our credit line was still active. To my surprise, not only was it still active, we have $4000 available to spend with 0% financing for the first year (if we pay it all off).

So now, we have some money to play with to get the house ready to sell by April 2018 so we can start looking in Nevada and Arizona to see where we want to live.

It’s not as much as the home equity loan would have been, but it’s enough to get started and it’s more in alignment with how much debt I can possibly manage right now. The equity loan would have been a HUGE commitment and a gamble.

But $4000? I can work with that.

The Universe is going to give us exactly what we need, when we need it, and will not give us more than we can handle.

As I’m ending this letter to you, I look over and the time is 11:11 AM. So, I think this is a good place to leave off.

I’m curious — what’s been going on in your world since the 12/12 Full Moon in Gemini?

Let me know. I’d love to hear from you.

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