Shoutout to all the introverted, empathic, heart-centered souls who are pushing past their comfort zones to share their gifts with the world!

Do you identify with these words? 

Welcome to this Sacred Space

This group was created to support, encourage and learn with other angelically aligned women entrepreneurs throughout our journey in a way that promotes unity, respect, and recognition of our unique talents and gifts. Here, we celebrate Earth Angels, Rainbows, Indigos, Starseeds, Crystals, Fairies, Unicorns, Mermaids, Teachers, Healers, and every other type of Light Worker. We’re here to share techniques, ask questions, receive support, and most of all, to feel safe and nurtured.

To keep with the intended purposes of this group, we encourage posts that are educational and pertaining to being a practitioner or entrepreneur. Take advantage of our years of experience. Ask questions.

You may have noticed that this group is open to women only. I believe women need a safe space to gather. We sit together in our virtual space, which crosses and transcends the limits of space and time, and receive one another just as we are in whatever state we are in. Each perspective is unique and is valued for we know each perspective enriches and contributes to the whole. Here we celebrate women of all faiths, nationalities, religions, races, and creeds who are focused on bringing more goodness and positivity into the world.

We come together in Divine Peace and move through this world in numbers and the grace of understanding and wisdom. We are tolerant, open-minded, magickal women who construct our own fates and destinies. We believe that everyone is free to walk their own path because a person’s relationship to God, Spirit, Source is their own unique journey. 

 Please know that every single woman who puts in an application to join this group is carefully and psychically screened by myself. This may include pulling a few Tarot cards or tapping into their energetic body to ensure they are the right fit for our group. I always ask, “What lesson can I teach this person?”

Every new thread must be approved by myself. This means that your posts may not instantly show up, and I realize that this can be frustrating. The payoff, however, is knowing there will never be any drama, shaming, victimizing, or objectionable material posted. The payoff is our peace of mind.


This is not a group to find clients in because all of us should be readers, healers, teachers, and guides or at least aspiring to be one day, whether it becomes a part-time or full-time business or not is optional.  We support you in whatever manifestation your Lightworker call materializes. However, we are open to helping you practice your own abilities if you’d like to offer free services. Free services must be done within the group for educational purposes. If you move to direct messaging, then you and the other party are responsible for the energy between you two. Basically, if you have a private conversation with someone out of the group, and it turns negative, we don’t want to hear about it. You and the other party take full responsibility and must handle your business outside the group.

We encourage service and reading exchanges over self-promotion. Please understand that all transactions outside of the group are the sole responsibility of the parties involved. Saturdays are promo days and I welcome you to post your blurb and website under that specific thread, but promotion is never the goal of this group.

We are a competition-free zone. We believe in an abundant world where there are enough clients to go around. We don’t hold back techniques. We share freely for the betterment of all women in this group. Passive aggressiveness and holier than thou attitudes will not be tolerated. Do not share any reading/healing technique or resource in the group that you wouldn’t post on your own timeline. The goal is to share and pay it forward, not horde knowledge.

While resources and techniques may be freely shared, absolutely at no point many the personal opinions and personal sharings of any woman be posted or shared outside of this group. We take a sacred vow of silence when it comes to personal updates, trials and tribulations, and victories. This is probably the most important guideline. What is shared in circle, stays in circle. Oathbreakers will be promptly removed and banned for life. No exceptions.

We respect the viewpoints of all women in this group. We listen to and respect the wisdom of our elders. We also recognize there is more than one way to run a business and express our divinity, and both can be done simultaneously. We believe we can be spiritual, help people, and also make a living, and neither conflicts the other. We remain open to our own personal compass and true north while appreciating any wisdom or advice given to us by the women who have come before us or may have years of experience. If something doesn’t resonate, we smile and say thank you, and go on our merry way. We don’t argue. We are grateful that someone took the time to reply back to us and tell us their thoughts, even if they don’t align with our own.

You are free to participate as much or as little as you wish. You will never be kicked out for non-participation. We realize that while people may be quiet, that doesn’t mean they aren’t absorbing the information and utilizing it.

Requests for help, advice, and guidance whether in your biz or personal life

Friendship request ads, group ads, and hiring ads are welcome once a week

Daily, Weekly, Monthly Energy Readings for the Group

Free reading or healing offers for those who want to practice their skills (we just ask that you keep the conversation in the group)

Free and paid challenges you’re offering ~ you can post on Saturdays 🙂

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