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Hi, I’m Christina and I’m multi-passionate.

Are you wondering how people turn their many passions into a successful business?

I used to wonder, too. I was trying to pursue three different passions and I found myself being pulled in so many directions. My energy was thin and it seemed like I never really finished any of my projects. I was a habitual start-and-stopper, with piles of unfinished genius lying around.

Can you relate?

I never saw any idea or project come to fruition because I would get distracted by my new shiny idea and immediately start funneling all of my energy into the new thing. I had been reading Tarot successfully as a business for a few years and had mastered that, so I was growing increasingly frustrated that I couldn’t hone in on my next step… what I needed to do to go to the next level as a multi-passionate person.

Maybe it wasn’t that being multi-passionate was a bad thing — as you may notice, in the coaching world being multi-passionate is considered a dirty word when all of the top gurus are screaming to niche, and niche, and niche… and while they are ultimately right, it’s the way the information is presented that kept me stuck in perpetual project purgatory for years. Until I figured out how to take all of my passions and interests and make them work for me.

I went into this year with 4 major courses planned. I had a great multi-thousand dollar launch with the Make Tarot Your Business™ Masterclass. After the first quarter, I was ready to move onto my upcoming Astrology course! Go towards the next big thing for me, right?

Until I realized that by moving onto the next course, I would have to relaunch it. And that meant 3 more months of brand new content to support that launch, while maintaining the Heart-centered Spiritual Biz Support Facebook group responsibilities AND holding space for the MTYB™ Masterclass people.

I found myself right back in that position I was in — feeling stretched, thin, and low energy. I had just come off a launch and was now ready to undertake a new one.

I was like, Christina — what is WRONG with you? You’ve finally found your one thing that is working for you — people WANT to learn from you. Why are you leaving this unfinished? Why are you walking away? Why are you in such a hurry to move onto the next thing, what are you really scared of?

Make Tarot Your Business™ is CHANGING LIVES. People are getting serious value from this course.

My problem isn’t that I was bored. It’s that I had… and here’s the gem of this entire post if you’ve stayed with me so far:

I HAVE DEEP SEEDED ABANDONMENT ISSUES… from a non-existent father and I was playing that narrative out every time I create a new opportunity for myself to really shine and use all of the wisdom and experience I’ve cultivated since starting online in 2009 reading professionally for people.

I’d create just to abandon because that’s what had been done to me. I was unconsciously getting even. And I was attempting to abandon my MTYB™ people before we REALLY got to the juicy stuff. But, I caught myself this time. As a person who is (also) passionate about self-development, I finally caught myself in the middle of the process. I clued in and I saw very clearly what I was doing and what I had been doing for years.

So what am I doing now?

I’m going to hold off and focus on MTYB™. I’ll release my astrology course next year. It’s not going anywhere. I’ve been repeating affirmations like “I have all of the time in the world,” and “my creations take as long as necessary to complete, there’s no hurry or rush.”

I’m turning the Make Tarot Your Business™ Masterclass into an on-going mentorship program because I realized that I have so much MORE knowledge and wisdom to share, and it’s not fair for me to keep that information to myself when there are so many people out there who need it. This information means the difference between poverty and self-sufficiency for many women.

Starting in September, I’ll be hosting a live mastermind with one call per month so that the aspiring Tarot and Oracle card reading pros that have heeded the call can take all of the theory I teach and put it into practice.

But, September is far off and you need help right now. Here are 3 strategies I’ve started implementing to actually get my projects finished and how to niche down, for the multi-passionate person.

#1 Focus on one thing first and sell that one thing for a year.

Your other projects and your ideas will still be there a few months from now. Take copious notes and come back to those other projects when inspiration hits, but don’t forget your focus.

I totally understand the urgency, especially when finding yourself in a position where your life literally depends on making an income and making money that day is the difference between having a safe place to sleep and food to eat. In the beginning, you’re scrambling to find your “one good idea,” and the truth is, all of your ideas will sell but you need to invest the time long enough to see your creation birthed and give you a return on your investment.

#2 Decide on a theme so you can begin niching down.


There’s no other way to say it. I didn’t start seeing thousand dollar launches until I niched and did some serious ideal client avatar work. Every multi-passionate person needs to have a theme that brings all of their passions together.

For example: I have a jewelry business, a Tarot reading business, and a divinity school. My theme is the Angelic Realm. My jewelry is angel-based, my readings incorporate angels, and my school is named Angelic Realm Seminary. Angels are my theme. FIND YOUR THEME.

And don’t just take on a theme because you see other people having success with it. You will NOT make money unless you are in alignment with your theme. It needs to be personal for you. It must make YOU happy.

You cannot use other people’s passions as a viable business model. Find what brings it all together for you. If you still haven’t found your theme, then we need to talk. I’m scary good at seeing the big picture and breaking it down into small steps. This is the result of developing my psychic abilities, having the wisdom and experience behind me, AND being a savvy marketer. It’s my superpower. Inbox me or comment below.

Get over to the Heart-centered Spiritual Biz Support group and drop me a line.

#3 Make sure your funnel is fully finished before moving onto a new funnel or project.

Not sure what a funnel is? A funnel is the pathway you carve out to lead potential clients to your services. A funnel can be as easy or as complex as your needs, but you must ensure that the path to you is clear and easily accessible.

And then you need to prune the weeds and do maintenance on your path. It’s not a set it and forget it system, but eventually it will become its own magical entity and do a lot of the work for you. It’ll help you work smarter so you can free up your time to start on a new project.


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