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Tarot and Oracle card readers, are you giving it all away? 💸

Is this you?

😞 You run free or “donation based” tarot and oracle reading offers, hoping to convert people to take inspired action to pay you for your tarot services… but no one does and you wonder what is wrong with you?! You have hundreds or thousands of Facebook friends and Page likes but you’re still working for pennies.

✔️️ FACT: If you’re running free or donation based tarot and oracle offers, you’re going to figure out within about a year or so that it’s extremely unlikely you will actually convert free tarot and oracle card reading seekers into paying clients. They might take you up on your 5$ offer once a year. They are NOT your ideal client. Unless you are making your money goals for the day consistently with paid readings, you are absolutely wasting your time. You are literally marketing yourself as worthless instead of priceless. If you do not place value on your tarot and oracle card reading services, they sure won’t either.

💡 Tip #1: If you’ve done at least 50 full or 100 mini readings, you have graduated past having to offer free or donation based services. Congratulations! I am giving you permission to say NO to people who drain your energy. They are not going to become long-term paying clients. I hate to burst your bubble about this. Once I figured this out, I started making MORE money by doing LESS.

😞 You post free weekly or daily Tarot or Oracle card readings, or energy of the day/week on your business pages and in all of the groups you can hoping to build your following but all you attract are freebie seekers and energy vampires.

✔️️ FACT: Daily or weekly energy readings are extremely draining energetically with little to no return. You’re appealing to the same market as above — the freebie seekers. What’s worse is your daily or weekly energy reading is only good for that period of time.

I know you think that building up your Facebook page or Group with free stuff is going to build your group faster — and it will, no doubt about that… But it’s going to fill it with people who expect everything for free and consider you their personal complimentary on-call mental health professional.

It’s not a healthy situation, no equal energy exchange conditions can be met, and you will attract co-dependent people.

If this isn’t a business for you, by all means, please continue your great work. We need people who will provide this service to others. But, if you want to actually earn an income, you will have to learn to re-direct your energy. It’s a hard lesson, I know. It’s gut-wrenching, sometimes. We feel compelled to inspire people with our kickass gifts so we try to help everyone… unfortunately, that gets us nowhere.

You need a platform to express your sacred gifts and unique talents because you KNOW what you offer is amazing. If you haven’t converted at least 30% of your following into paying clients this week, try something else. Focus your energy on evergreen content. Enough with the daily or weekly energy readings, already.

🌈 Give people the tools to help themselves and they will always remember you.

💡 Tip #2: Instead of focusing your energy on content that has a shelf life of a week or a day, funnel your energy into workshops, classes, challenges, series, and blog posts. This is what we call “Evergreen Content.” It will continually provide a source to bring in potential clients and customers, and it’s a MUCH BETTER use of your energy.

If you are not making your daily money goal with paid readings, you have *no business* (literally!) offering daily or weekly free readings. This is something you do in your slow or down time, or as a hobby, AFTER you’ve made your money for the day, IF you have time or energy left to spend on it. Don’t make yourself so accessible! The easier you are to reach, the less demand for your services. If you give it all away, they are not going to pursue your services.

Action Step: Start thinking outside of the box you’ve put yourself in. I know you see everyone else around you just getting started in their tarot or oracle card reading business doing these things, but they are literally spinning their wheels and never going anywhere. I’ve seriously watched the same people do the same thing day after day, week after week, and they STILL complain about not having enough clients. I stopped offering free daily/weekly/monthly readings a few years ago and I make more now than I ever did back then.

I used to struggle to make $5 or 10$ a day, which in retrospect, is completely insane. Now, I make that passively while I sleep with Evergreen content.

Break away from the herd and start brainstorming some Evergreen content for this month. Host a workshop or a seminar or a live class with the intention of upselling your services.

If you’d like to brainstorm some ideas, comment below and I will check back in with you. I’d love to talk to you about how you can move away from energy vampires and start moving towards people who value your brilliance.

 Bonus Points: Post a link to the event page for your workshop or live class in this Facebook Group!

Your next step is to sign up for the Make Tarot Your Business 5 Day Challenge starting February 20th!

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