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In this section, I’ve compiled a huge list of correspondences for you, to make it super easy for you to look up common signs and symbols you’re receiving. Back in the Understanding Your Psychic Abilities blog post, we learned that the Universe speaks to us in signs and symbols and that a symbolic Universe is what sets us apart from our animal cousins. We have, over time, developed a collective universal consciousness that has been imprinted into the Akashic Records, which we learned all about in the blog post Accessing the Akashic Records.

But do we always need to consult the Akashic Records? The answer is no. The Akashic Records are speaking to us all of the time through signs and symbols. This is the basis of the Law of Attraction – look for what it is you want to create/be/do in the world, and you will naturally align yourself with those things.

The same is true for interpreting the signs and symbols around us. And when we open ourselves to them, we can “hear” the Divine Wisdom in everything. From plants, to crystals, to animals, to Tarot cards, to road signs.. There is Divine Wisdom everywhere. You just have to look!

Angel Signs & Symbols

Angel Numbers

Repeating sequences of numbers and seeing repeating numbers is a way for the Angels to communicate to you in a very instantaneous way. Numbers and number sequences can show up in a variety of ways:

● Time on the clock

● Through dates on the calendar

● Checkout total at the store

● Birthdays

● Phone Numbers

● Addresses

● Price tags

● Gas pumps

● Cooking – measurements, time cooked

● Bus stations

● Movie theaters

● and so forth…

Angel Number Meanings

Number 1

The Angels are informing you there is a new opportunity about to manifest into your life as a result of your prayers. This will be a new and exciting beginning, so make sure you say “yes!” But, if you need to think it over, the Angels have your back, too.

Number 2

The Angels are informing you that your prayers have been heard, and the Divine is now conspiring to make your wishes come true and to restore the balance in your life. This is a time where you can trust your intuition, as you are tapped into the Divine effortlessly at this time.

Number 3

The Angels are informing you that you are in a period of growth. Now is the time to reach out and expand your brilliant ideas, so you can bring about that which is desired and envisioned into reality. Your friends, Spirit Guides, Ancestors and Ascended Masters are also supporting you at this time.

Number 4

The Angels are informing you that things are sorting out in your life in order to give you a strong foundation and structure to grow upon. Stability is in the process of being manifested for you, so things may get a little rocky before they get better.  Now is the time to focus on organization and planning of your goals. You’ve come too far to stop now!

Number 5

The Angels are informing you that they are helping you with solving any type of problems with others, specifically in your workplace and with your family. The Angels really want to help you rise above any irritating adjustments and change in your environment by keeping your thoughts positive and not engaging in the conflict.

Number 6

The Angels are informing you they are helping you with making positive life changes by assisting you in adjusting your mindsets, thought patterns, and attitudes. Particularly, your mindset and attitude toward making healthy eating choices, your attitude about exercise and physical fitness, and about situations that are stagnating you and not allowing you to blossom into your full potential.

Number 7

The Angels are informing you that you are moving into a period of reflection and self-assessment. They are encouraging you to be honest with yourself and be your most authentic self while taking the roads less traveled. Stay true to your compass North, and have faith you are on the right path despite any resistance you may feel.

Number 8

The Angels are informing you that you are moving into a period of great abundance and blessings! Success and financial security are yours by birthright. You will be receiving recognition for your accomplishments very soon. Those around you appreciate your efforts to build a better future. Step into your power!

Number 9

The Angels are informing you that they are helping you to bring closure to any unfinished business in your life, and they are assisting you to tie up any loose ends. Difficult situations are coming to an end so that new experiences and insights may be revealed very soon. Get all of your ducks in a row so you can face the new experiences without baggage from the past.

Number 10

The Angels are informing you that you have reached the end of a cycle and phase, and now you must dig deep into the shadows in order to gestate new life. Now is a time to be still, quiet, and calm in reflection and gratitude for all the Divine has blessed you with. Move into Grace through Gratitude.


The Angels are informing you that the world of full of possibility, and that no dream or goal is too big or too out of reach. If you can imagine it, you can bring it into reality. You are a child of God and you are created in It’s image. Dream big!

Angel Lights Meanings

Commonly seen as flashes, orbs, or sparkles of light, this is a way that the Angels manifest themselves to you. Know that when you see Angel Lights or Feathers, the color corresponds to an Angel and a specific message.


In the Genesis account, a rainbow appears right after the great worldwide flood brought in order to remove sinful and evil-minded man from the earth. It symbolized God’s mercy and the covenant He made with Noah (representing mankind) not to destroy the world in such a way again.

12. And God said, “This is the sign of the covenant which I make between Me and you and every living creature with you, for everlasting generations: 13. I set My rainbow in the cloud, and it shall be the sign of the covenant between Me and the earth . . . and the waters shall no more become a flood to destroy all flesh. (Genesis 9:12, 15, HBFV)

You are opening yourself up to occult wisdom. Follow the signs and symbols that come to you. You will receive multiple signs following the sighting of a Rainbow. You are safe and everything is working out for your Highest Good. Raziel is assisting you with uncovering hidden meanings in everyday life. He encourages us to remember that the best way to learn how to do something is to make it fun and over the top.


Azrael is assisting you with your mediumship abilities and any unfinished business from those who have crossed over. He seeks to bring a state of peace to you in times of grief and bereavement.

Aqua Blue

Raguel is assisting you with healing arguments and misunderstandings, helping you to bring about a sense of peace in your life. There is unfinished business in your life that needs either attending or forgiveness.

Dark Blue

Zadkiel is assisting you with remember important facts and dates, ensuring your memory is working in top notch shape! He is also assisting with remembering the past clearly in order to help break PTSD.

Pale Blue

Haniel is assisting you in attuning to the natural rhythm of the Moon’s cycles and the planet’s rotations. Astrology is playing an important role in your moods and behaviors at this time. She is also supporting your feminine health and seeking to balance out your hormonal moods.

Emerald Green

Raphael is assisting you with healing physical wounds, as well as watching over you as you travel and make your way through the world. He is working to comfort your body and alleviate your pain.

Pale Green

Chamuel is assisting you to find the perfect job, your soul mate, and anything else your soul is needing to be complete at this time. He is also helping you tap into the Law of Attraction so that you can effortlessly attract what you need.

Pinkish-Purple and Green

Metatron is assisting you with bending time, ensuring you arrive just on time to your functions. Metatron is also assisting you with your indigo/crystal children abilities of being highly sensitive and empathic.

Dark Pink

Jophiel is assisting you with clearing away all clutter from your life, in order to make room for new blessings! She is helping you to cultivate positive experiences, and helps with raising your vibration.

Pale Pink

Ariel is assisting you by giving you courage to go after your abundant blessings. She is also working with you in order to restore balance to your environment by encouraging going “green” and adopting practices such as recycling and water conservation.

Indigo Purple

Michael is assisting you with cutting all negative cords of attachment and transmuting any negative energy around you into positive energy. He is also working with any and all technology you are using in to ensure your work and play can flow effortlessly.


Sandalphon is assisting you with delivering your prayers to the Divine. He is also helping you by sending you signs and omens, particularly through music and wildlife.

Red Violet

Jeremiel is assisting you to develop your psychic vision, also known as clairvoyance or “clear seeing” angel. He helps us by giving us the courage to do a Life Review, and to see what changes need to occur in our life in order to obtain a clear vision of the future.

Dark Yellow

Gabriel is assisting you with writing, speaking, and bringing your very important message across to the right audience. He is also helping you to deliver important messages to people who need to hear your brilliance.

Pale Yellow

Uriel is assisting you with bringing your bright ideas into reality! He helps us innovate new ideas, new inspirations, and helps us to find the perfect solution to our problems.

Angel Feather Meanings


Feathers blow into your life to indicate what they are assisting you with at this time. Red indicates a new vitality and zest for life, while White represents new beginnings and Blue represents a time of tranquility and so on.


There is a new season of vitality about to enter your life! This will lead to stability in all aspects. The Angels are encouraging you to be assertive about what it is you need, and to remain confident that all is working out according to plan.


The Angels want you to know that there is a time to be serious, and there is a time for play! And right now, it’s playtime. Get in touch with your inner child by coloring outside the lines, playing in the rain, or doing any sort of creative craft. You need to have some fun!


The Angels are working with you to develop a strong sense of Self Love. If you feel as if you have issues with trusting people, the Angels are putting specific people in your life right now that you can trust. The Angels also want you to hold positive thoughts about your body image and to speak to yourself as if you were a friend, not foe.


There is ALWAYS a reason to be hopeful. Everyday, across the globe, miracles happen for people just like you. So why couldn’t a miracle happen for you, too? The Angels want you to stay hopeful, and pray all your concerns to the Divine. You deserve to be happy, miracles are happening for you right now.


The Angels know that you are working towards bringing about a sense of harmony in your life. They are here to support you in your healing journey for renewal and revitalization. Every small seed you plant towards your health today will keep bearing fruit far into the future. Make healthy life choices now.

Light Blue

The Angels are helping to course correct your thoughts to align with the vibration of forgiveness. They are reminding you that your Divine Life Purpose is to choose love and to express yourself in a gentle way.

Dark Blue

The Angels are assisting you with restoring a peaceful and relaxing lifestyle. They have seen your struggles and are actively co-creating a time for you to float and reflect on tranquil waters. Honesty is always the best policy, even when it is difficult for others to hear. Stay true to your compass North, and allow the Angels to help you with the rest.

Light Purple 

The Angels are assisting you with opening up your psychic abilities and helping you understand your path as a Lightworker and Empath. A Light Purple light or feather may come to you when there is a message about finding the blessing in your increased sensitivity. Be cautious about the food you eat and the people you hang around with. You’re absorbing psychic information at an increased rate and it may be difficult to know what energy belongs to you and what you’re empathing from others.

Dark Purple

It’s natural and normal to feel anxious about new (and old) experiences. The Angels are working with you to decrease your anxiety by opening up your spiritual vision. When you see the big picture, the small stuff doesn’t seem so frightening. See the connection between all of the Divine’s creation.

White or Gold (sometimes opalescent)

A new beginning is coming into your life, starting now! Out with the old, and in with the new. The Angels are assisting you by bringing you moments of clarity, these are often times called “downloads.” New inspirations and new ideas will surface in your dreams and in the quiet moments in your day.


The Angels are helping you to reclaim your power by assisting you to rid yourself of toxic lifestyle habits and relationships. You’ll feel less cravings for specific trigger foods, substances, and people over the next few days. It may make you irritable, but know your the Angels are helping to rebuild you stronger and better than before.

Mixed Lights and Feathers

Occasionally, some feathers will have multiple color themes going on. If this is the case, then all of the color attributes apply and you are getting a complex message!

Smells & Scents

The Angels love to bless us with the natural scents of flowers, herbs, and spices. If you suddenly smell something very pleasant and natural, and know there is nothing in your environment that would give off such a scent, you are in the company of Angels.

Temperature Changes

Typically, when dealing with departed Souls the air will get cooler and change suddenly to cold temperature. When dealing with Angels, the air will seem warmer, more positive, and more comfortable.

Birds, Butterflies, and other Winged Creatures

The idea of animal spirit guides is absolutely not new! Any type of wildlife has a specific message for you, and in particular, winged creatures such as birds and butterflies have more of an Angelic connection.

Birds — someone on the Other Side is saying, “I’m alright, and I’m watching out for you!”

Butterflies — someone on the Other Side is saying,  “hello, I miss you!”

Dragonflies — someone on the Other Side is saying, “I want you to remember our happy times and remember the good memories.”


The Angels will often come to you in dreams. Although they may not be physically present in your dream, often times you will state something profound or have an amazing insight during a dream that you know deep down that you were having a conversation with the Angels.

Copper Pennies

Copper pennies indicate your loved ones in Heaven (or your Ancestors) are pleased with the status of the family and are gifting you flows of abundance. Chances are, you will come into a small pocket of money within the next few days!

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