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The Akashic Records are known by various names, the most popular being The Akashic Records or the Hall of Records. The most influential writers and philosophers of this ideology are Linda Howe, Sylvia Browne, and Edgar Cayce. Each individual has their own unique idea about what the Akashic Records are, but each come to some similar conclusions and so.. this blog post will focus on the similarities of the collective knowledge to give a broad foundation.

During this blog post, we will use Akashic Records and Hall of Records interchangeably, depending on who’s philosophy we are examining; plus, give it my own little twist!

It was prophesied by the great Edgar Cayce that there were, in fact, three Hall of Records and that they were real places that would be discovered by man. We must understand that Mr. Cayce was a fairly religious man, who spent much of his life studying the Book of Revelations, and who was an avid proclaimer of the End Times, and so, we must acknowledge his personal filter on the subject. Nevertheless, he was an extremely brilliant mind and a product of his time period.

The Akashic Records is really one big symbol. We have been discussing symbolism in the previous blog posts. As we come to find out that nearly everything is a symbolic reference for something bigger and deeper, constructing the idea that the Akashic Records is a symbol for something intangible, should be easier to digest and wrap your brain around now.

But what is it a symbol of? The Akashic Records could arguably be the Symbol of Symbols. A Symbol’s symbol. The BIG Symbol that represents pretty much the encompassment of all symbols, in all time, in all space, in all realities, in all dimensions…

The Akashic Records is the ‘container’ of all symbolism, if you will. It’s where all symbolism is stored, and accessed, by us with our psychic minds.

Most people describe the Akashic Records as a giant library, with unending floors and rows, of books and records and anything else you might find in a modern library, plus some other things that technology has yet to manifest in our current reality.

And on each of these shelves, is a book, or a record that describes and logs every detail, every intention, every thought, every action… of every human being, every animal, every life form, including the ones we have no knowledge of; such as beings from other planets or dimensions. These records are known as Soul Contracts or Soul Charts.

Let’s back up just a moment.

In Kabbalah, Hinduism, and many other World Religions, there is a flowing fountain of Akash, or primordial energy, responsible for the Big Bang and the creation of the Universe as we know it, as well as the force that animates us. In Kabbalah, or Jewish Mysticism, this is called Kether. In Hinduism, it is called Akash. When this force is individualized into human experiences, we call it the Soul. The Soul is a fragment or reflection of the Akash while in human form.

Just how did the Akash materialize in the first place? Well, even our brightest astrophysicists and leading scientists of today still struggle with understanding that. This is why there is such a huge debate between Creationism and the Big Bang Theory. Personally, I believe the truth is somewhere in between. The basic principle of Hermeticism states that it is only through Our Will (and therefore, the Will of God) that all comes into being. It’s a quaint answer, but it’s the best we’ve got, unless you want to take up astrophysics and come up with a better theory. In my opinion, it’s a question that we will never understand the answer to. And that’s okay,

In my opinion, it’s a question that we will never understand the answer to. And that’s okay, because what is important is the here and now, and the future based off our present actions. HOW Akash formed and HOW we got here is irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. We all want to know where and what we come from, but we should really be looking towards the present and the future to gain insight.

Back to the Soul Contract or Soul Chart theory. It is understand that in this giant Hall of Records, there are “books” charting all of experiences all throughout time, including the future. It is here, we can access our Past Lives, our Future Lives, and our Current Life to gain insight into our Purpose. In Module 1, we discovered that through Astrology and Numerology we can begin to decode our Higher Purpose in an individual manner. By working with the Akashic Records, we can begin to decode the Higher Purpose of Humanity and all life in general.

The most foundational principle of all life is to experience connectedness through the filter of individual experience in Love. In Love, we find acceptance, tolerance, equality, and respect. We do this by understanding through the Akashic Records all lives of all beings are important, written down, and catalogued. There is no one left out, there is no experience, lifestyle, or choices made, that are swept under the rug and forgotten about. All come to the Akashic Records as equals.

How can we all be equals? How can we be equal when some work hard, some not at all? Some treat others with disrespect, others are doormats? How then can we be equal if our reality isn’t?

If Akash is the primordial force that animates and exists with all life, and we are all animated by Akash, we all have the same opportunity to utilize that force within us. Opportunity does not equal obligation.

Let’s be straight. Our single, most truest purpose in our individual lifetimes, is to simply exist and live. That’s it. That is the most basic opportunity given to us, as equals. You see, our truest energetic self is Akash, and when we die, that which animates us is not destroyed, but returns to the Akash and becomes a new life in some other way, some other form. This is the basis of reincarnation. Now, some philosophies such as Buddhism believe our choices here on Earth dictate our future incarnations. It’s very individual, in Buddhism.

I believe, like in Buddhism, we have a Karma Bank we use to deposit positive or negative karma. Good deeds vs Bad deeds. Acting out of Love and Generosity, rather than Fear and Selfishness. It is my thought that those mundane actions affect us in the here and now, and in the future of our current individual experience. They do not, however, follow us into the next incarnation. So that’s to say, if Robert kills a man, it does not mean he will come back as a slug, or an ant, or someone who is killed. This can be a difficult dose, as we do take some pleasure in the idea of Divine Retribution. It does, however, mean that any descendants Akash takes form in within his Family Tree, will be inheriting ancestral karma. This explains why, although our karma doesn’t follow us into the next lifetime spiritually, it does follow us inherently. So while Robert may not experience the effects of his negative karma in the next lifetime, someone surely will, and this is where some deep trauma resists we must overcome as a species.

This is something else entirely, and we will touch on it later. For right now, we are focusing on the spiritual or Akashic side of existence. Of course, this our first clue that existence as we know it is both spiritual/Akashic and mundane at the same time.

This is what I believe. I believe we are all descended from Source, or Akash, or the Divine. While in the Akashic state, there is a oneness. Individual experiences and lifetimes are memories only, and not the current experience of Akash. There is no sense of individuality.

There is no touch, no smell, no taste… nothing that would give inclination of a human or physical experience.

The Soul Family / Cloud Theory

So imagine if you will, Akash as this giant cloud in the sky that has lightning coursing through it and looks as if it’s about to begin to rain down. The cloud represents the unity of Akash – no beginning, no end, just a cycle. The lightning represents the Akash, or the animation that brings life. The rain drops, although contained within the cloud, begin to drop on the Earth. We are the raindrops, experiencing life outside of the safety of the cloud (or Akash). Shall we land on something soft and retain our shape, or shall we plummet to the ground and disperse into what we conceive as death. It’s random. There is no promise of safety after the fall. This is why some are stillborn, die in their youth, etc. Once the Fall begins (the seedling of the fetus takes shape) there is no promise. There is only opportunity.

This metaphoric ‘cloud’ is called our Soul Family. A grouping of akash or what animates Souls that are together for a period of time, and then become part of something much greater.

Every cloud is different, no cloud is the same and contains none of the same parts that it did previously. This explains why certain people (or rather, Akash) are with us for a few lifetimes. And when the raindrops evaporate, after they have lived their lifespan, they are reabsorbed into the cloud to rain again in a different part of the world. The raindrop of Pam and the raindrop of Eric no longer exist. They become reabsorbed by the Akash and recycled. And such is the way of life. Energy, souls, akash, animation – whatever you call it, does not dissipate. It does not become destroyed. It is perpetually recycled, on and on, into infinity, changing states (liquid to gas to solid to somewhere in between, which is really fascinating when you begin to discover Sacred Geometry and the platonic solids, which is the basis for crystal formation.)

Each cloud represents a Soul Family. A Soul Family is a grouping of individual Akash (as opposed to all the clouds on Earth, at the same time). These groupings change and develop over time in new ways, in new forms, but for a period of time, we experience our family of souls around us. This is why we sometimes feel others in our current lifetime are part out of past lives. They are part of our Soul Family, or raindrop family. They are with us for a time, and then we say goodbye, and move onto our next Soul Family.

Now that we understand a little bit more about Akash and how it animates us, and what the Akashic or Hall of Records are, let’s talk about what the Akash is actually animating.

Did you know that you are a walking, talking, breathing crystal?

Well, at least you are part crystal. We can’t actually be crystals, because crystals already exist. But, we are made up of crystals! More specifically, Quartz.

Quartz is one of the most abundant minerals. About 12% of the mass of the Earth’s crust is made of quartz. The human body is surprisingly constructed with these similar components as the Earth with oxygen, water and silicon being major building blocks of the body.

“Silicon molecules in the tissues, such as the nails and connective tissue, give them strength and stability. Silicon is present in bone, blood vessels, cartilage, and tendons, helping to make them strong. Silicon is important to bone formation, as it is found inactive areas of calcification. It is also found in plant fibers and is probably an important part of their structure.

This mineral is able to form long molecules, much the same as is carbon, and gives these complex configurations some durability and strength. It represents about 0.05 percent of our body weight.”(Source)

Silica a variant form of Silicon also helps the body detoxify dangerous heavy metals such as aluminum. “Even PubMed acknowledges silicic acid as an antidote for aluminum poisoning and silica as a detox agent for heavy metals. Both brain tissue calcification and aluminum toxicity are linked to Alzheimer’s disease.”

Silicon is a “semiconductor [that] lies somewhere between a conductor and an insulator. Conductors, like copper and other metals, make it difficult to control an electric signal. Insulators, like glass and rubber, block electric signals. Semiconductors, and silicon in particular, can do a little of both.”

“Silicon is not the only semiconductor; carbon and germanium also have similar properties. Carbon, in its diamond form, is too brittle to use in chips. Germanium chips were used early in the computer era; the element is still sometimes used in chips today. Silicon, however, can remain a semiconductor at much higher temperatures than germanium. This becomes important when chips are deployed in computers near other electronic elements that retain heat.” [4]

So in observance of this, we see that Silicon or Quartz, has a lot to do with conducting our animation. And could also be a link between what is considered alive and animated, and what is considered inanimate. Pretty cool, huh?

Pretty cool, huh?

If we are part crystal, part silica… then it would be understood that we can ‘communicate’ with the vibrations of other crystals, since we are crystalline beings. There are special quartz crystals called Record Keepers. Record Keeper crystals are the oldest crystals, other than the mineral Zircon. These crystals are said to date back to Atlantis, and therefore hold the energetic vibration of all time since Atlantis.

“Record Keeper crystals are difficult to find, and even when you have one, it can be difficult to discern that it is indeed an Atlantean Record Keeper. Fortunately, they are all marked. The mark is sometimes hard to see, but it is always there. It is one or more small triangles (trigons) on one of the faces of the crystal. Sometimes they are indented, sometimes raised, but always an upward pointing triangle. When you find a crystal with such a mark, you have a Record Keeper. Atlantean Record Keeper Crystals do not give up their messages and wisdom easily or quickly. They require both time and dedication, but many offer astounding insights into the reality of our existence as a form of the Universal Life Force and our relationships with beings of other energy and light levels.” [5]

Are all crystals Record Keepers?

The bottomline is, yes. ALL crystals are record keepers. Crystals form over decades, to thousands of years, to millions, to billions, such as Zircon, the oldest crystal known to man reaching 4.4 BILLION years old. So yes, all crystals are Record Keepers, but the amount of information they contain is limited to their age. No matter, all crystals have their own individual experiences to share and learn from. No one crystal is more important than another. They all serve different purposes.

Through utilizing quartz crystals in general, and Record Keepers, we can access the Akashic Records in a tangible way. It no longer exists as just somewhere in the sky, outside of ourselves. As Silicon crystalline beings, it is within us. And, within our DNA.

Our DNA is the Akashic Records.

Mind blown?

While everyone will approach the Akashic Records within their own experience, harnessing the power of quartz crystal could be considered one of the easiest ways to tangibly experience the Akashic Records. Something that should be discovered in more depth- Ancestral Healing.

Do we need to buy these special Record Keeper crystals?

No! We do not need to possess these crystals to access the information they hold, because we are of the crystalline family by birthright. To own them is for novelty only, and only because you wish to. It is not necessary to possess the crystals to access the Akashic Records. We speak to them telepathically. We speak to all of the crystals still slumbering within the Earth, and all those that have been dug up. The proximity of their location is irrelevant, unless of course you are using the crystals for their healing properties, which is something else entirely.

How do we speak with the crystals in order to access the Akashic Records?

We speak with the crystals telepathically, or through various clair abilities as we discussed in the last module. You may experience the voice of the crystal as in clairaudience, you may see visions within your mind or within the crystal as in clairvoyance and scrying, and so much more.

Let me back up just a second – we don’t actually have to use crystals to access the Akashic Records – the records are available at any time through using your psychic abilities. The crystal itself acts as an anchor. So crystals, in actuality, are not necessary to use. However, they do amplify our abilities and our crystal allies assist us in tuning in with our intent for why we are accessing the records.

In this blog post, we will speak to the crystals through intention and visualization. We will attune ourselves to the vibration of the crystal, and therefore access the Akashic Records with a specific intent and purpose. Once you get the hang of using the crystals as amplifiers, accessing the Records through your pure intent will become much easier.

Top 5 Reasons to Access the Records

  1.  Access information on Past Lives and Ancestral Lineage Healing. Access the wisdom of our Ancestors and our Soul Families since the beginning of time.
  2. Access the energy of our loved ones on The Other Side. Meet up with the energetic imprint of our loved ones as a way of saying hello or healing the past.
  3. Understand and repair trauma from our parents, friends, lovers. Explore how our actions may have contributed to the issues, and how to resolve them.
  4. Explore universal knowledge and implement it into our lives. Access timeless wisdom, archetypes, and energetic imprints of all beings in all dimensions.
  5. Strengthen our bond with the Universe and shift into a mindset of Unity with all of creation. View and understand the patterns of the creation of life.

The next step is to do the crystal attunement guided meditation to open you up to the power of the crystals you choose to work with. The list I provided is based on the crystals I use the most in my personal and professional life, and if you want a REALLY GOOD book on crystals, I recommend Crystals by Jennie Harding. She gives the metaphysical properties, health properties, and lots of information on how crystals form, the different types, the spectrum of colors, and so much more.  I use almost no other sources than that book.

[1] Mystery of the Crystal Skulls by Chris Morton and Ceri Louise Thomas pg. 47





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