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The blissfully unaware stage. You see everyone else making a ton of money doing what you ultimately want to be doing. You long for that lifestyle. You become increasingly dissatisfied with your environment and you decide it’s time to make a change for your future, your family’s future, and for a chance at being in control of your financial fate. You wonder if it’s truly even possible for you, or if everyone out there is full of sh*t.
You’re probably overworked, underpaid, and making someone else rich in the process. In this stage, starting a business looks a little overwhelming, but you’re eager to learn and you have endless enthusiasm. You don’t really know how it’s going to work, but you know you hate your current circumstances and right now, the dream is more appealing than the reality you’re in.
You’re attracted to the freedom — freedom of your time, freedom to make your own decisions, freedom to creatively express yourself however you want. Your biggest worry is about managing your time and biggest plan for the future is formulating your exit strategy from your day job.


You begin making your plan on what you want to sell and how you think you’ll earn an income. You do this for a few months, maybe up to a year or two, and eventually you turn in your notice. It’s official. You’re leaving your 9-5 to pursue being an entrepreneur and business owner.
Reality sets in. Bills are piling up. Some payments become late. Eventually the money runs out, but you’re dedicated to making this work. You’re trying everything. You’re soaking up all of the free information — watching all of the webinars, listening to all of the podcasts, reading all of the guides. Any free information, you bend over backwards to get it.
You begin to realize that all of the free information floating out there, the information you thought would be your saving grace, turns out to have a lot of conflicting information. Turns out, it’s way too general to be of much help at all. You realize you really have no idea what you’re doing, and you start to wonder if this was really a good idea at all.
Anxiety sets in, so you hustle in overdrive, working 40.. 50.. 60 hours a week to overcompensate.
You landed a client! You made enough money to buy groceries this week. Your significant other gives you the nod of approval, but you’re exhausted because it took 60 hours of hustling to get there.
You begin to see the potential, but you also know that hustling 60 hours a week is unsustainable. You wonder if you should go back to your day job — you didn’t like it, actually you hated it. It never paid you what you were worth. It censored your creativity. It was devoid of your uniqueness, but at least it paid consistently and you could look forward to that check to feed yourself and your family.


You tell yourself and God/Universe, “Plleeeassee! I’ll truly be happy if I could just make x dollars per month. It’s not very much. It’s reasonable to make that much. Then I’d have no problems. I will be able to pay my bills on time and feed my family, and that’s all I want.”
You tell yourself this lie to quiet the anxiety you have about your current financial obligations and responsibilities. You know deep down that just paying your bills will not lead to happiness — otherwise, you’re right back where you started when you were able to pay your bills.
You know there will ALWAYS be unexpected expenses, emergency situations, and “just making enough” is a bargaining tactic to plead your case, to assert you’re not greedy or expecting anything more than the bottom line, and you’re justifying to God/Universe that’s why you deserve just that small amount to get you by. You’re a good person afterall, you’re doing this for the right reasons, right? It’s not like you want a private jet or to buy a second condo. You just want to be able to put food on the table and not worry about being evicted.


Now you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. You don’t want to go back to the job that you hate, but you also don’t want to work 60 hours a week for a few bucks. You average out your pay and realize it’s a third or half of your old salary and taxes haven’t even been taken out yet!
You literally give up. You turn off all of the lights. You stay in bed for days. Maybe you even get sick (psychosomatic or otherwise).
You’re totally un-inspired. You have no enthusiasm. You question what is so deeply wrong with you. You question if you’re cursed, if you’ve somehow brought this upon yourself, if you’ve attracted this experience. You wonder if your karma is to blame, and you start looking at the other people in your household like the enemy.
You might even have a husband or significant other telling you to just give it up and go back to work. You know they love you and want the best for you, but there is an obvious divide. Relationships are falling apart, you seclude yourself more and more, and after a while of feeling sorry for yourself you decide to get up.
You shower after 4 days of laying in bed. The shower makes you feel better. You feel like eating, so you pick some nutritious foods that will give you some nourishment so your brain and body can actually function.
You declare, “I’m not going to be that person. I refuse to fail. People make money doing what they love every single day. There is no difference between me or them. They just want it more than I do.”


You realize that you literally have no idea how to run a business and you seriously need help. You realize you’ve been working yourself to the bone, following everyone’s free advice, hopping from webinar to podcast to book, only to realize: These people don’t know me. They don’t know my goals, my hopes, my dreams. They don’t know why I’m doing this. If they don’t know any of these things about me, it’s no wonder my business is failing.
You begin to just start listening to maybe 1 or 2 business coaches in your niche. You stop downloading all of the free content from everywhere and you start only listening to a couple mentors who are running a similar business, successfully. You start asking a few trusted mentors for help, accepting that you need help.
They give you some advice. You hate the advice they give you. It makes you freaking mad! You’re literally pissed off with them. It’s triggered something within you. You begin to realize there is a wound there…
“I’ve already done that! It doesn’t work!”
The Mentor shrugs and nods.
You do what she says anyway. Obviously there must be something there if it’s making you so upset. You tweak your approach based on the information she’s given you tailored to your own business goals and niche, and suddenly things start working. The energy begins to move and oscillate and suddenly, you become inspired. You have a plan.
You get a paying client from one simple action. It didn’t take 60 hours of hustling, blogging about stuff that does nothing for your business but makes you feel like you’ve accomplished something anyway, or have to try to plead with people to buy your stuff. Oh, and you didn’t have to plead with the Universe.
You can buy groceries again this week. You can possibly make some late payments. Suddenly running your own successful spiritual business seems possible again.
So you do that action again. This time you tweak it a bit more and maybe you don’t make any sales this round, but you make a bunch of new friends who may turn into potential clients or even referrals.
You begin to accept that you don’t know what you don’t know, and you begin to trust the people who have come before you to lead you towards your heart’s desire. You decide to invest with the coach, time or money or both. You begin to start speaking up more. You allow yourself to be vulnerable. You allow yourself to ask for help.
The Heart-centered Spiritual Biz Support group is intentionally created to assist mostly with stage 5, though the other stages are definitely something we all cycle back to occasionally. This is normal. Every entrepreneur goes through these stages, sometimes in this order, sometimes not, and every variation between.
The 5th stage is where the magick truly begins to happen. It takes a village — the tribe is non-negotiable. Nobody does this alone 🙂
If you are struggling. If you need help, you need strategy, you need extra pairs of eyes on your business, please speak up. Let us know how we can help you. We know what it’s like to be in your shoes. We have been there.
When your spouses can’t understand, your family doesn’t listen, we are here to help. 

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