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Do you find yourself struggling to book Tarot reading clients?


Are you often confused on what you should be doing to grow your business… or find yourself totally frustrated because you appear to be doing what you see everyone else doing, yet you still have trouble filling your appointment book?


And worse — are you BORED in your business?


In this blog post, I will discuss some of the top mistakes new readers make when growing their business, and I’ll give you 5 proven marketing strategies to take the guess work out of what you can do to see momentum in your Tarot reading business.


#1 Check-in with Past Clients


Reach out to past clients (within the last 3 months) and check-in with them. See how they’re doing — follow up with them about their reading, ask them how everything is going, and hold space to be a person who genuinely cares about their well-being. So many people don’t have friends or family who are interested in their lives, and you can be a voice in the dark. Here’s my favorite line:


“Hey ________, I’m just sending a little note to see how you are doing and to ask how things are going with (reference their reading). I hope all is well!” — if it’s a new client that I’m just beginning to develop a relationship with, I might also put in “no reply is necessary, just know you are on my mind today!”


This way, you give them an escape clause if they are not used to their readers checking in on them… because trust me, not all readers are interested in the customer service side of reading professionally. This may be a foreign concept to clients, but for us Heart-centered Spiritual Entrepreneurs, this is our preferred method of how we conduct business. For us, it’s very personal.


A few words of caution — only follow up with the clients you genuinely love and don’t mind chatting with, and avoid the clients who you know instinctually that would take your generosity with your time into a free reading opportunity. We should never expect a client to reply to a check-in, either. Some clients who are new to us might think that we are going to try to sell them something or that we have an ulterior motive. This is totally normal and natural. Over time, clients will see that your follow up is genuine. I try not to abuse the simple check-in/follow up strategy, but there are times when you can recommend or suggest a reading to someone once the conversation begins happening. This is a bit more tricky, however, so proceed delicately.


And one last thing, some reading clients don’t want a relationship with their reader. This is not a reflection of your inadequacy as a person or a reader — it’s just the way some people are. I always reach out and try to develop my client relationships, but realistically only about 20-30% of people want a reader-client relationship and dialogue between readings. If you don’t hear back from someone, let them be. Cherish and focus on the ones you do hear back from.


#2 Send Out a Newsletter or Post a Special Offer on Social Media


Is business slow? Have you created a special offer for your reading services and advertised your sale for the week? I know what you’re thinking. You’re not a chain store, why do you — the mystic and visionary — need to send out promotional offers?


Everybody loves a deal, and it’s a great way to drum up some business when client flow is stagnant.


It is in no way inauthentic or sleezy to promote yourself by coming up with weekly or biweekly special offers. I know, I know. In a perfect world, clients would just know when they need a reading and then they’d book us. We’d never need to promote ourselves. People would just line up one right after another.


But we don’t live in that world, especially if you’ve been in business less than 5 years consistently. It takes years to develop a regular clientele. So in the meantime, come up with some great limited time offers. Here are some ideas.


  • Put together a bundle like a 2 for 1, or “BOGO” which stands for Buy One Get One. You can offer a friendship reading (bring a friend, or your mom — no, I’m not being sarcastic! Mother-Daughter readings are popular!) or offer two of your most related readings together in a package deal. For example, if you specialize in Past Life Readings, you could offer a Past Life Reading to uncover any hidden blocks or resistances and then offer a reading or session on how to clear or heal those blocks or resistances. The possibilities are endless.


  • Offer a certain percentage off for new clients, usually between 10-30%.


  • Niche down one of your already popular offerings. If you specialize in Life Path readings (like I do), create an offering that specifies it down further. Instead of offering a Life Path reading, tailor it to students who are choosing a University, or people who are considering two different career choices or jobs. We make minor and major life decisions everyday, so it’s not difficult at all to come up with a few specialized and niched down offers.


Tip: Add a sense of urgency. Make sure clients know that your offers and promotions expire, so they need to take action right away, as availability stands. You may choose to limit how many people can take advantage of your special offer, and put an expiration date on your offer.


I tend to cycle out offers every few weeks. It’s a great way to drum up some business and it’s an opportunity to introduce some of your other services to your clientele who might not otherwise be interested or approach you about that specific offering.


In the FREE 5-day Make Tarot Your Business™ Quickstart Guide, I discuss more about special offers and how to construct your pricing tiers.


#3 Do a Facebook or YouTube Live


Depending on the platform you tend to spend most of your time on, choose to do a Livestream. You can even go live on both Facebook and Youtube at the same time, though that’s for the advanced and not recommended unless you have a good handle on Livestreaming.


Whatever you do, don’t give away free readings on Livestream! No No No. Don’t make this mistake. Instead, try some other strategies WITHOUT giving away what you’re trying to sell… for free.


Introduce potential clients to some of the decks you own and discuss what you like to use that deck for. We all know certain decks have unique personalities — talk about those attributes and tell potential clients why you like to use this deck for that reason above all others.


Review your decks, even if they aren’t new. I’ve had this happen multiple times — I just log in, show a newish deck I’ve received, people fall in love with the deck and immediately want a reading with it. If you’re extra savvy with your marketing, pin a comment for a $5 or $10 one card reading with that deck in the comment section “just to try the deck out” and people WILL take you up on that offer!


Walk clients through a new spread that you just discovered or created, and let your excitement shine through. Now, again, don’t do a free reading for a person. I love to use celebrities as examples, since they are relatable and us normal people feel like we “know” them, so reading celebrities is very easy and potential clients can follow along. Pick a celebrity that has been in the news lately for something and do a mini reading on the celebrity using your new spread. Weigh in with the people watching the stream, get them talking. And then at the end, tell them how they can book a reading using that specific spread and make sure to always link to checkout.


#4 Write a Blog Post that Speaks to Potential Clients


Every day I come across new and budding Tarot readers who know they should be blogging to drive traffic to their website, but often they are blogging about topics that have nothing to do with with attracting clients.


The #1 mistake I see is new Tarot readers blogging about how to read Tarot and THIS is a serious reason why they are not getting client bookings from their website — because they are not driving potential clients to their website AT ALL!


Readers, if you take to heart anything I tell you in this specific blog post, burn this piece of wisdom into your mind. If you want to blog successfully and drive potential clients to your site using blogging, stop blogging exclusively about how to read Tarot or what certain cards mean and the like.


You must put yourself into your potential clients shoes and discuss topics that are relevant to them. How to read Tarot is not relevant to them, otherwise here’s what happens: they read your blog, go buy their own cards, and do their own readings. Congratulations, you’ve just effectively LOST sales.


Lightbulb Moment: Being a savvy mystical marketer means knowing your audience, intuiting their questions, misconceptions, or resistances, and working smarter, not harder to educate potential clients. It means being conscious of what content you’re putting out onto the internet, and using your intuitive gifts to discern whether it’s going to help you in the long-term.


Instead of spending your energy posting a card of the day or reading of the week that just expires  and doesn’t provide evergreen content — or what I call avoidance behavior regarding growing your business and engaging in “busywork” to try to cope with that anxiety —  blog about some of these very important and traffic driving topics, and don’t forget a Call to Action at the end to encourage readers to book a reading.


  • Why and when clients need Tarot readings
  • How often clients need a reading
  • How Tarot can help people in specific situations (love, career, wealth, etc)
  • And if you’re really motivated, create a blog post going into much more detail about some of your popular offers.


Try for two client education blog posts for every one creative blog post. I’m definitely not saying you can’t blog about whatever you want — Freedom is why we do what we do — but make sure you are attracting clients and not repelling them, and strive to find a healthy balance between client education and creative expression.


In the Make Tarot Your Business™ Masterclass, I give you 20 blog prompts that are specifically tailored to driving potential clients to your site with the sole purpose of educating clients why they need your services and ultimately, book you for a reading.


#5 Develop a Signature Speech and Get on the Radio or Podcasts


One of the easiest ways to fill your time between clients, in a way that actually drives traffic and sales to your website, is to develop a signature speech and email radio show hosts and podcasters to appear on their show.


This is an amazing way to leverage your expertise and get in front of a new audience. Explain why you’re the best at what you do and inject some of your personal story into your speech. Use this opportunity like you would a strategic blog post like I mentioned earlier — use it to educate potential clients on why they need your services.


For your convenience, you can download my Signature Speech template below. All you have to do is enter your email address and you’ll receive a copy of this template to your inbox.

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