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Stop seeing everyone around you as competition. The Law of Abundance states there’s more than enough clientele to go around for everyone to be successful. When we support, compliment, celebrate and give people credit for their victories and hard work, we’re also doing that same thing for ourselves.

How we speak about and to others sets the tone for our own internal dialogue. When we treat other people better, we treat ourselves better.

Find joy where you are at now. A lot of us come from working in other areas or working for other people, to running our own spiritual business. We think that once we’re running our own business, all of our problems will be magically solved.

And I’m here to tell you that running your own biz is not without its own struggles and growing pains. You can shift your focus to being grateful about where you are now vs then and find joy in the process. Happiness and job satisfaction are not destinations or endgames but a byproduct of valuing yourself and expressing what you are passionate about.

True job satisfaction is found in the quiet moments of not having to censor ourselves to please our boss or coworkers. It’s the freedom to follow your calling and passion. But don’t kid yourself into thinking that any job or business is without struggle and hardship. It’s life. Beautiful, messy life.

Set goals, make lists, write everything down and revisit what you write. And don’t forget to reward yourself when you meet those goals. Read an article, watch a video, do something every single workday.

Learn something. I can’t tell you how many articles and videos I save for one day when I might need them. That one day will come. Don’t be afraid of technology. We’re all learning. Embrace change.

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