Hi, I’m Christina Quick and I’m the High Priestess here at the Angelic Realm Seminary, an online interfaith divinity + business school that prepares students for the world of online spiritual coaching.

When I’m not reading the cards or the stars, I’m teaching mystical marketing strategies and magical business building techniques to aspiring professional Tarot and Oracle card readers, Mediums, Psychics, and Energy Workers.

I’ve been reading and coaching professionally since 2012, have conducted over 7,000 psychic readings and spiritual life coaching sessions, and have developed a brand that makes selling effortless without compromising integrity and morality. The methods, strategies, and techniques I teach are heart-centered and based on forming deeply profound connections with my clients and other professionals in our industry.

If you’re looking to start your own online spiritual business, I’ve created some amazing free resources with 10+ hours of content to get you started:

And if you’re searching for a community of heart-centered spiritual entrepreneurs who know that making lots of money and helping people profoundly is what they are on this Earth to do, please join us in my FREE Facebook community!

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